The header is a static area comprised of five elements. Their appearance never changes, though their content will differ for each site.

example of website menu

The black bar at the top is for the universal Rutgers search block.

The DoCS link (top-right) is always the same.

The logo does not change.

The site title (here: DoCS Web Theme) is different for each site.

The Main Menu is customized for each site.

Site Title

The title of your site will most likely be the name of your unit or program.

Main Menu

The Main Menu is a little different from menu blocks. To make changes, you must go to Structure > Menus > Main Menu.

It is recommended that you have no more than 9 top-level items. There is no limit on drop-down items.

Too many menu items

If you have too many menu items, the menu will expand to fit, and look like the screenshot below.

example of cluttered website menuThis expansion functions, but it will 'break' the appearance of the site. To avoid this, restrict the number of top-level items in the menu.

Dropdown Menu

You may notice that the dropdown doesn't work on every page. If this is the case, edit the menu, and edit the top-most link (the one that should trigger the dropdown). Check "Show as expanded" and Save.