Special Blocks

What are all those fancy blocks on the home page? How do they work? Where can they be used?

To create more dynamic pages, several block types have been made available. Use the instructions below to create and modify them. Keep in mind that some of the special blocks behave like content.



image with three icons

Iconoblocks include a title, an icon, and text. The icon should represent the idea in the text. This helps to cement the idea in the reader's mind.

To create an Iconoblock: Go to Content > Add Block > Iconoblock.

Choose an icon: ITaCS is working in the style of the Eldorado symbol set. You can choose an existing symbol or request a new symbol.

Omit the title from view: Hover over the block, click on the gear icon in the top-right, and select Configure Block. In the Title field, type <front>.



Pictowide blocks include a wide (landscape) image. Images should be 600px wide and 160px high.

Without Title

three images

With Title

three images with titles



Tintboxes come in eight colors, blue, slate, black, gray, red, pink, yellow, and canary. Any block with a CSS field can become a tintbox.

CSS: tintbox tint-gray