Page Banners

How big should banners be? What happens when a page doesn't have a banner?

Every page is required to have a banner. There are several banner styles to choose from. Banners are created using Photoshop. Templates are provided, or ITaCS will create banners for you.

All banners are 1025px wide.


A Quarter banner is divided into four equal parts, divided by white lines. These quarters are typically all photos, though they may contain one text square. Quarter banners are 1025px wide and 224px high.

four different pictures showing various Rutgers activities

four different images of people


Split Banners are divided into two unequal parts. Text is provided on the left, and an image on the right. Split banners are 1025px wide and 210px high.

split image with text on the left and picture of two girls on the right


Slim banners are comprised only of text. Text should fit onto one line. Slim banners are 1025px wide and 90 pixels high.

banner image with text saying a path to reach your potential